Top 5 Herpes Dating Websites Review

Herpes Dating websites is a newly launched(in 2015) review site that provides the detailed reviews for the top 5 herpes dating sites in our editors’ eyes. This would be the newest review list of the most popular herpes dating site in these 2 years among herpes singles for you to consider.
We are group of people who have been in the online dating business for more than 10 years. we checked and tested most of the active herpes dating sites that are out there and finally picked out 5 most valuable ones to review them in detail.

#1 Positive Singles ★★★★★button

Positive-SinglesPositive Singles is the best place to meet singles and couples that are living with STDs, and connect you with similar people that show empathy towards those who have and have been living with an STD. They also offer advice and tips for their condition and with over 740,000 anonymous profiles that are registered, this is one of the largest online sites for dating people with STDs. Positive singles will help you to find others who are suffering with STD’s, with a global membership.Read Full Review »

#2 Herpes Dating Center ★★★★★button

herpesdatingcenterHerpes Dating Center has cooperated with PS (Positive Singles) for many years. Herpes Dating Center is the second choice for dating sites serving people with herpes. It was started in 2003 and has more than 730,300 members as of now, all of whom can register anonymously. The site offers many useful features to help you find that ideal match for you. Just take the steps to become a member and get connected with thousands of singles near you. No matter what you are looking for, a romantic relationship, marriage, travel companions or just friendship, you can always find it here.Read Full Review »

#3 MPWH ★★★★☆button

MPwHIf you happen to have HPV or Herpes, then you may find yourself suffering from low self-esteem, confused, frustrated, as well as socially isolated. At this point in your life, just finding a place is more than just a dating service would possibly help you to find the right one, as well as information that will help to motivate you. MpwH states that HPV and Herpes doesn’t define who you are, but those judgmental people who have been judging you, won’t here because of something that you cannot control.Read Full Review »

#4 STD Friends ★★★☆☆button

stdfriendsSTD Friends is a great site that was created to be a great, but simple atmosphere that will match those who have STD’s with people who have them also. Unlike other websites, STD Friends will allow you to list what diseases you may have such as HPV, Herpes, Hep B/C, HIV, and Syphilis and more. Unlike many other dating sites, this is really a social networking site for those who have STD’s, which you can’t really find in any other places. Read Full Review »

#5 H-Date ★★☆☆☆button

H-DateHPV and Herpes are STD’s that can really restrict your love and social life. There are a lot of people that are suffering from these conditions and have remained silent, which has caused them to be lonely and frustrated. Life isn’t over, you are able to find support with the millions of other people that have the same condition, and you can even find love among those who are just like you at This is an exclusive dating site for those who have HPV and Herpes, and the home page has plenty of information about these conditions as well as ways to get help for them. Read Full Review »