Four dating tips for STD people

datingtips1. Be honest, but not brutally so — you need to tell a date that you have herpes and give them enough time to absorb and think about the information before having sexual contact. Remember that timing is everything and just blurting out that you have herpes just before you get in bed is definitely a big no-no. Most people lack enough information on the disease and brutal honesty can cause them to process your revelation poorly, causing them to react in fear and loathing. However, given enough time and information, herpes doesn’t have to be that big of a deal.
2. Don’t make it the biggest factor of your life — treat herpes just like any other problem in the dating scene. We all have various hurdles to face in the dating scene and herpes can be reduced to just one of those hurdles.If a person rejects you, it might not be because of the illness. In other words, don’t use herpes as an excuse to stop self-improvement.
3. Reduce risk of transmission — there are many ways you can do this. Actually, there’s already a vaccine being developed against herpes. This vaccine could definitely make dating with herpes much, much easier. Suppressive treatment has also been shown to significantly decrease the risk of transmission, considering that herpes is most contagious during outbreaks. Condoms are also a necessity. When used properly, condoms can radically decrease the risk of transmitting herpes.
4. Educate your partner — the best thing you can do is to help enlighten them.