H-Date Review

H-DatebuttonHPV and Herpes are STD’s that can really restrict your love and social life. There are a lot of people that are suffering from these conditions and have remained silent, which has caused them to be lonely and frustrated. Life isn’t over, you are able to find support with the millions of other people that have the same condition, and you can even find love among those who are just like you at H-Date.com, a great dating site for those who have HPV or Herpes.
H-Date is free o use and is the best way to meet other people who have your condition for friendship, fun, and much more. The site’s slogan is “it’s time to stat dating again”. This is a very promising place to do just that.

H-Date has more than 40,000 members all over the world. You can use the quick search to state what sex you are, and who you are looking for as well as location and age. The micro-location options only really displays the “don’t care” options for many countries. It is unsure if this is an issue within the site, or that they are trying to give a subtle message about having oneness, at least in a nationality that may not be determined, but the results are found for most of the major countries.


100% Free! Yes, the site is 100% free to use, so it makes it a lot easier to find and even chat with someone who has your condition and is looking for the same things that you are.

There is an option for a gold membership. The membership price has been withheld until the final enrollment process has been done. Although, the Gold members will have access to more information, contact options, and other types of features.

Best Features

  • You can search by location, zipcode/area, username, basic information, detailed and advanced.
  • Free to create a profile and even add up to 5 pictures.
  • 100% free for you to send emails or show interest in another member.
  • You can know the last login time and IP address of other members.
  • You can add members that you are interested in to a hot list and block people from contacting you.
  • View a list of members that have viewed your profile, added you to their hot list, blocked you, or contacted you.
  • View the members who are online and who joined recently.


The home page of H-Date.com will give you plenty of information about these types of conditions, the support that you can get, common facts and warnings about Herpes and HPV, as well as about the transferability. This is a very useful feature and not just for the awareness of those who have these conditions, this even helps those who are curious to understand the conditions better and support their family and friends that have these diseases.


This site only collects just enough information from you to keep the site functioning and to give you a chance to find the partner that you have always wanted. They do not reveal any personal information to anyone. They also have very clear and detailed policies when it comes to third party agreements, internet safety, and your account security which is listed for the user’s convenience.
Although, the home page has several publish profiles of users, the site will only make the information public when the user gives the okay to. Even then, it is a personal preference of the profile will be displayed to those who click on them. This could be a very useful for any potential user in order to get a better insight but it also gives people who are not suffering from HPV/Herpes to misuse the profile information. The user is knowingly choosing H-Date, therefore, there are no privacy issues.


H-Date is 100% free that is easy, safe, and free to use to find other STD dates for fun, relationships, and so much more. Although, the sign up process can be a bit demanding such as asking what STD you have, your state, zipcode, area code, etc. Once you have signed up, all of your options are can be restricted for 48 hours, until things have been verified. Then there is an option for a Gold membership, which the fee is withheld until you select and go through the enrollment process. The Chat Room is for gold members only, which can limit your contact options, but since most of the member information is anonymous, which gives you a more anonymous information that allows you to begin an internet relationship for free, which is more than any other STD dating site would do, thanks to effective boards.

All in all H-Date.com is a great dating site for anyone who has an STD and is looking for someone who has the same conditions as well for more than just a relationship.

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