MPWH Review

MPwHbuttonIf you happen to have HPV or Herpes, then you may find yourself suffering from low self-esteem, confused, frustrated, as well as socially isolated. At this point in your life, just finding a place is more than just a dating service would possibly help you to find the right one, as well as information that will help to motivate you. MpwH states that HPV and Herpes doesn’t define who you are, but those judgmental people who have been judging you, won’t here because of something that you cannot control.

Not only is the site for those who have Herpes/HPV, this site goes to extremes in order to delete those who aren’t eligible to have this condition. There is a high security for those who are users in order to make them feel safe and unique. If you happen to actually find someone who is in the community, and they don’t have any type of STD, you can send it to the review part of the website and they will delete the user after plenty of research has been done.


  • Free
  • 1 Month for $29.95
  • 3 Months for $59.95
  • 6 Months for $95.95


  • You can put a free profile and add up to 25 pictures.
  • View members who are located in the success story category.
  • You can send posts and notes to those you are interested in.
  • You can even make lists of Hot, Flirts, Buddies, and an Ignore list as well as visit your list pages to review your tags, and remove members from your list.
  • HPV/Herpes dating advice and resources to help you increase your chances of getting a date.
  • The ability to search by quick search, special search features, and saved searches.
  • Message boards about activities that are going on around the site.
  • View local matches with Hmatch.
  • Medical board that contains useful information such as medical articles that are written by experts.
  • Little games that were created to give you something to do during your down time.
  • Newbie board and a support board that gives you more information about the site.

It is more than just Dating

MpwH is not only a great dating site, it is a place to start friendships, find support, learn and gather information and medical advice about your condition as well as take part in community activities. There are other STD dating sites that will over the same thing, but MpwH actually is trustworthy and has been noted by sites like WebMD for providing medical information.

You can search for people by their sex and location and you can see a list of the available dating options like interracial, bisexual, straight, and homosexual dating. There are thousands of members from all over the world.

You are able to register for free and then you can opt in to upgrade to a paid membership. Even when you register, you are able to set up your profile that will keep and maintain your privacy. The paid memberships will give you a trial membership for 80 days for around $20, but the normal membership prices range from 1-3-6 month memberships and from $30-$100 for the memberships.


One of the biggest things for MpwH happens to be safety. Internet Dating Safety Act is described in details on the first page of the site as a way to protect users who may not be aware of this.


The privacy policy that was created for this site is highly detailed and it keeps safety and privacy a key point. You can anonymously message those who are on the site, you can even opt in to have an anonymous link that will allow you to have communication with others until you are sure about this person. This allows you to release your name and email in a member response form. MpwH also has a special feature called the Psst system that allows you to make sure that your email is kept a secret.

Other Information

There may be times when the site will show up as unavailable. This isn’t your average STD dating site, it has been mentioned by plenty of reliable as well as famous sources like WebMD, TechTV, Spiked Online, Salon.Com, CNN, Washington Post, IHMF, Tyra Banks Show, ASHA, NERVE, The Washingtonian, and the Seattle Times. There isn’t any other dating site that is out there that can claim this type of fame.

MpwH has been on the internet for over 15 years and is able to provide a trustworthy and reliable site that helps you to find dates.

If you have Herpes or HPV and you are searching for friendship, companionship, or even love then MpwH will ensure that all of your information will remain private while you search for the perfect partner.

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