Positive Singles Review

Positive-SinglesbuttonPositive Singles is the best place to meet singles and couples that are living with STDs, and connect you with similar people that show empathy towards those who have and have been living with an STD. They also offer advice and tips for their condition and with over 740,000 anonymous profiles that are registered, this is one of the largest online sites for dating people with STDs. Positivesingles.com will help you to find others who are suffering with STD’s, with a global membership.

Membership Prices

  • 1 Month – $19.99
  • 3 Months- $59.95
  • 6 Months – $95.95


  • Profile Building
  • View Latest activities
  • Search members
  • Locate STD care locations
  • Legal information
  • Live support chat rooms
  • Contact matches via email or online chat


There are plenty of reasons why Positive Singles is right for you, as well as your needs when it comes to dating those who have STDs. The confidentiality and verification makes this the best dating site on the internet. There was a lot of thought and great care that has went into this site and it really shows with the privacy and security.
The average cost of a dating site is about the same as any other dating site that is on the web. The extra effort that was put into the website when it comes to verification and security, the cost is truly a bargain. The standard membership being free, which will allow you to build your profile, view the latest activities of other users, the ability to search members, know the STD care locations in your area and worldwide as well as gather legal information, have live support through chat rooms and much more.

The Gold Membership has a lot of extra features such as being able to contact matches, and people you meet in chat rooms via email or online chat. The price is a great deal considering you can get 1 month for around $1 a day or have even bigger bargains by purchasing a 3 month membership at $59.95 or a 6 month membership for $95.95 and there are always special offers that are available to such as earning a 1 Month Free for the Gold Membership.

This great site is an exclusive community for those who have STDs like HPV, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, and many other STDs. Many of the members do come from Australia, Canada, UK, US, and many other English speaking countries that will allow people to find the most interesting and compatible partners for dating or even friendship. Positive Singles has created a safe environment and has shown just how successful they are with over 60,000 amazing stories that have been published by users who have dated and fell in love on this site.

Joining Positive Singles is really easy. You simply create a short profile that will let you be able to interact with other people on the site and even start dating those who have STDs. Your profile will have basic information that is put in different categories: Profile Headline, About Me, and About my Match.
You will be able to include what you want on your profile, so that it shows the information that you want to say to other people in your group. Your profile will act like an introduction so that others who want to speak to you, and those who you want to contact and even get to know. The profile is setup that will allow you to post images, photos, text and even YouTube videos. If you are more about that, then feel free to use that way to communicate to those who are reading and looking at your profile.

There are plenty of ways that you can even enhance your experience on Positive Singles. You can use the quick search option which will let you search for gender, region, age, and even keywords. They also have an advanced search feature that contains all of the above, but also have STD type, photo, distance from my zipcode, keywords, looking for, religion, relationship status, ethnicity, drinking and smoking habits, and children. There is even special searches that will allow you to look for certain usernames, compatible members, reverse matching, verified user search, and even a new member search. So there are plenty of ways to find new people in your area or even worldwide.

The overall experience on Positive Singles is perfect for those who have STDs and really want to meet that one person. There is even a little area on your profile that will allow you to explain to any potential partners what you have, so that they will be fully informed and not going in blind. This can bring peace of mind to both you and your potential partner knowing that both conditions are know. You can even clear the air about this subject that may be hard to discuss.

You can even take advantage of the Questionnaire. This is an optional feature, but you can add it to your profile that will show your education, accomplishments, sense of humor, and other types of facts that you may want others to know about yourself. This can help you to make your profile stand out so that other people can know the real you, plus it is great conversation started when you are meeting people who have STDs.

You can even verify your membership. This package is for new members that they can use when they first join. It will allow you to be verified that you are a real person, which helps to provide a lot of comfort to those who want to date you.

Final Verdict

If you or someone you know has an STD, and want to connect with someone new who has the same issue, then Positive Singles will help you to do just that. This website will help you find love, just like the thousands of other people who have found their true love. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the right one or just someone to share your time with, Positive Singles is the perfect dating site for you.

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