STD Friends Review

stdfriendsbuttonSTD Friends is a great site that was created to be a great but simple atmosphere that will match those who have STD’s with people who have them also. Unlike other websites, STD Friends will allow you to list what diseases you may have such as HPV, Herpes, Hep B/C, HIV, and Syphilis and more. Unlike many other dating sites, this is really a social networking site for those who have STD’s, which you can’t really find in any other places.

If you have an STD, you may be unable to carry on a romantic relationship with those who don’t. This can make you feel unwanted and even lonely. It can often be a real low blow to find out you have an STD, although don’t stress too much. If you are able to find friendship and love with someone who has the same STD as you, it may allow you to find the empathy that you have been missing in your life. STD Friends is the right place to be, not only are you able to meet plenty of people online that have the same condition as you and you are able to be inspired by survival stories and even find the love of your live which has been missing for so long.

This site has move than 50,000 members and tend to get around 200 new members each month. There are members from 22 other countries and you may not just find someone who has the same STD as you, but chances could be that they are local to your area.

Membership Fees

  • Free
  • 1 Month: $19.95
  • 3 Months: $34.95
  • 12 Months: $79.95

Best Features

All of the features are available with a gold membership, while standard members are only allowed to use certain features once.

  • The ability to use chat, the forum, gallery, blog, and guestbook
  • Send and receive emails and winks
  • View other members’ blogs, guestbooks, and galleries
  • Use instant messenger to chat with other members
  • Read tips and first date ideas, as well as stories that give inspiration that has been sent into the site from other members via forums
  • Search other members, for locals, etc.

Search For Friends

STD Friends have random profiles that will have some of their members located right on the front page, which you are able to click on without registering on the site. You can filter these profiles by the latest, and top members or those who happen to be online right then. You can even screen members by what state that they live in, although there are some profiles that have blocked their photographs, the profile picture display may be a risk towards those members and even those non-members who are able to view those profiles.

You can even do quick searches that search for sex, who a person is looking for, distance, sexual orientation, and disease category. Whenever you pick a profile, the persons details will be visible as well as what STD that they have. Yes this is useful for those who have STD’s to make a quick search, but is can be a harsh features when it comes to personal information that could be manipulated or misused against the member who has an open publish profile, even when certain member’s have agreed to disclosure.

Privacy Policy

STD Friends state that they don’t sell, rent, or trade personal information to any third parties, but they may reveal information to them. The site will choose whether or not your information may be used by a third party for any type of reason besides providing you with a service. There are many parts of the privacy policy that are unclear and contradict themselves as to whether or not that the site is a trustworthy site. The site does advise any potential members to use their own discretion when it comes to making and creating any profile settings.

The site may access you IP address in order to spot your demographics but even for displaying advertisements, when it comes to popularity, it has been show that STD Friends don not have a very great privacy policy. So when it comes down to it, safety has seemed to take a back seat to whatever the site holds. If you plan to join, then be sure that you are able to handle your own privacy features.


Although STD Friends may be a quick and easy site that will let you search and view other member profiles easily, their privacy features leave a lot to be desired. The privacy issues can be a lot to handle especially if you have to deal with them all by yourself, when it comes to handling privacy issues.

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